“When we as a society begin to value mothers as the givers and supporters of life, then we will see social change in ways that matter.”  - Ina May Gaskin

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birth photography

Birth is a powerful, sacred, and transformative experience. You have created life, a tiny human, and you are bringing that life into the world. You are amazing! You deserve to remember every moment of your experience. However, our birth hormones naturally fog our memories. Details fade, our timeline skews, and we are left with what could be a vague recollection of events. There are also fine details that a mother might miss during her birth; a father’s reaction at the moment their child enters the world, a partner’s loving and supportive hands during the height of a contraction, the view of your baby crowning, and even the strength on your face as you labour and birth.

Your baby’s birth only happens once. There is no second chance or re-enactment to capture the precious moments. When your newborn baby opens its eyes for the first time and begins their lifelong bonding with you, be secure in knowing that you can have that memory, and many more, captured in images to cherish forever. You will never regret having a birth photographer document the details of your birth story for you to relive over and over.




meet Krystie

Hello, my name is Krystie, and through my own birthing experiences I discovered a passion for the sacred and raw beauty of labour and birth. I have birthed five babies and each birth was incredible and unique in their own way. My last two babies were born at home in water and I had a birth photographer present. The images are some of my most treasured possessions! I have a passion to capture the birth stories of others. To immortalise the rawness, the strength, the passion, and the beauty of labour and birth. It doesn’t matter where or how you give birth, it will be the most powerful experience of your life. I would love to create a visual story of your baby’s birth that you can reflect on and share with them as they grow.


my philosophy

Your birth space is a sacred space that you need to feel safe, loved, and supported in. It is essential that your support team is right for you, and that includes your birth photographer. I aim to be an integral part of your support team that you can rely on to photograph every important moment of the birth of your baby. I aim to document your experience in an unobtrusive way so that my presence doesn’t interrupt your labour and birth, but will offer support if needed or requested.



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